GitHub Projects


A tiny and extendable C# library for generating static sites, inspired by the Metalsmith library for JavsScript.

Monokai Gray is also on Package Control

A Sublime Text 3 color scheme, the same as Monokai dark, but has true gray backgrounds. Useful with themes where the yellowey background of Monokai feels out of place. Pending interest, a Visual Studio version may be forthcoming...

Rusty Calculator

Rusty Calculator is a small desktop calculator (for Windows) that can sit nicely on your taskbar and be called when needed. It's very nice.


SpracheJSON is also on NuGet

SpracheJSON is a JSON parser/mapper/serializer written with Sprache for C#. Easy to use, and fully-functional (I think).


SpracheDown is a MarkDown parser written in Sprache for C#. A while ago at the Iowa Code Camp, someone asked if it was possible to make a MarkDown parser in Sprache, so this is to show it can be done.

Hacky Lambdas

For my final project for my Lambda Calculus course, I designed a very hacky typed LC interpreter! Wooo.

CLI Gaming

Outrage Engine

A game engine for ASCII games in the Windows Command Prompt, because that's the best platform for cutting edge game development.


This is a version of the popular 2048 game in the Windows command prompt, because no other platform provides such clarity and authenticity for such a game.


Minesweeper in the Windows command prompt. See Console2048.